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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Linen Clothing

Linen fabric is liked by everyone. People like using linen fabric for a variety of purposes from home furnishings to clothing. There is a definite expansion and growth in the variety of linen clothing available. Linen fabric was once used extensively for men suits because of its soft and smooth texture. But over a period of time, linen clothing revealed its many different uses to the people. Linen clothing has its respective advantages and disadvantages, just like any other fabric.…

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Bridesmaid dresses promoting the peach blossom festival are over

The maid of honor skirt that elevates peach blossom luck, see the close friend of the side all take their bridegroom to walk up red carpet one by one, and you only have the share that becomes a maid of honor again and again? If you want the promised peach blossom to bloom, you need to know how to promote the bridesmaid dresses of the peach blossom festival. Bridesmaid dresses for peach blossom festival 1: fresh flowers Fresh and only…

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Bollywood Is In Peace Mode With White Outfits

It is no big secret that whites are a summer-favorite and are often picked as they render a cool, refreshing vibe. We all love our whites and we all have our own way of styling it, don’t we? For some it is a white tee over a pair of denim, for others, it is a white summer gown, but Bollywood stretched the white play card a bit more and tossed in a few inspiring styles this week. From elegant, classy…

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Guess Bags – The History Of

Guess (the designer brand) is a us premium designer label that creates a collection of different of fashion clothing and fashion accessories including Guess designer handbags. This company was started in America in the early 1980’s and was created by a group of brothers who were raised in the city of Marseille in the south of France. The Marciano siblings always had a fascination with the way of life on America’s West Coast and moved to California in the late…

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Saweetie Lands Wonderland Mag Cover And Releases Icy Girl Visual

Summer 2018 is heating up for rapper Saweetie, who recently linked with fellow Northern California-native Kehlani for a remix of “ICY GRL,” aka “The Bae Mix”a single originally released on her debut EP “High Maintenance” in March 2018. Saweetie followed the single with a Stephen Garnett-directed visual revealing the duo flashing clothes, cars and jewels in a Hollywood Hills mansion. Adding some additional tailwinds, Saweetie just landed her first magazine cover on Wonderland‘s summer 2018 issue with a shoot styled by Toni…

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FIFA World Cup 2018 Dress Code For Fashionable Football Fans!

A soccer game is totally on and the highly anticipated FIFA World Cup 2018 has kicked off on June 14th in Russia and is running through July 15th. The football presents an additional social activity where everyone wants to feel like a part of the team they’re supporting. Source: cosmopolitan.com So in this article, we present ten outfit ideas on what to wear to a soccer game that is not just sporty enough but also brings your style game on…

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Scarves – Fashion Accessories – History and Benefits!

Fashion Scarves and Shawls! One of the most enduring fashion accessories that have never lost their appeal are scarves. Even through generations have worn them across several centuries. Worn for functionally throughout the world to provide warmth and protection against the bitter cold, or worn for its religious and cultural significance… their use of one has also evolved into other purposes. A Short Background: Contrary to what some people might think, the use of the scarf is not a modern…

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Second Time Mommy Mira Rajput’s Enviable Maternity Closet

Star wife Mira Rajput is absorbing all the spotlights these days, courtesy her maternity style. Mira and actor Shahid Kapoor have been married for 3 years now. One year into their wedding and the star was blessed with a daughter who they named Misha. Nearly after two years, the star took to Instagram to post the cutest picture that broke the news of the second baby coming. The post is proof that Misha is all excited to become an elder…

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