Versace Fall Winter 2018

Tartan that represents the Versace family – a family that shares a bond stronger than DNA. They live the Versace way and share the same values – supporting their cause in unison. Their accessories speak volumes: the Chain Reaction Sneakers – that they are part of a new generation, still embracing that buzzed-about Versace attitude but shifting it to the streets – where the hip-hop and sneaker aficionado cultures blend. Their possessions are safely kept in their Icon bags –…

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Sustainable Glamour – The Green Carpet Fashion Awards

Artistic Director Donatella Versace has received the CNMI Award in recognition of sustainability at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards, hosted at Milan’s Teatro Alla Scala on September 23rd, 2018. The ceremony recognizes commitment to environmental and social sustainability. The award was presented by long-time friend Cindy Crawford, who defined her as someone who is “never afraid to dare, innovate and break barriers”. The sustainability path – representing empowerment, evolution and excellence in fashion – is a core part of Versace’s…

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Versus Versace Fall Winter 2018 Advertising Campaign

Versus: Against the Expected Versus takes its stand: a reaction in contrast to the mainstream. Trends are ignored because the Versus way marches to its own beat. The Fall-Winter 2018 campaign illustrates that strong opposition to the already-seen and expected, reflected by the sharp contrast between black and white. Versus juxtaposes heritage and (r)evolution, action and reaction. High fashion and street style are intertwined between high-heel logo boots and the Anatomia sock sneakers. Styling has attitude: it flows against the…

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Donatella Versace – CFDA

Lady boss and Artistic Director, Donatella Versace is honored with the 2018 International award by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) – a look at her life as told by her creative collaborator, Audrey Versace. source

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The Medusa Story – Chapter 11

Still today, one can see the mesmerizing Medusa’s gaze proudly held on every shield, in every statue of Athena. This is why Gianni, from the moment he saw her gaze, chose it as the symbol for his legacy of freedom. source

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The Medusa Story – Chapter 9

Perseus closed his eyes, scared to face her vision and asked: “What is your name?” “Medusa,” she replied. He grabbed Medusa’s head by her lifeless snake hair, dropped it in his sack, and fled. source

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