The Medusa Story – Chapter 11

Still today, one can see the mesmerizing Medusa’s gaze proudly held on every shield, in every statue of Athena. This is why Gianni, from the moment he saw her gaze, chose it as the symbol for his legacy of freedom. source

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The Medusa Story – Chapter 9

Perseus closed his eyes, scared to face her vision and asked: “What is your name?” “Medusa,” she replied. He grabbed Medusa’s head by her lifeless snake hair, dropped it in his sack, and fled. source

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The Medusa Story – Chapter 2

Medusa was extremely loyal. She dedicated her youth not to a god but to a female goddess, athena, ….However, the strongest rivalry of all time, the feud between athena and the god of the seas, poseidon, was about to change the course of medusa’s life forever. source

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