The TOM FORD 001 timepiece offers a range of straps in luxurious colors and materials. Changing a strap on the 001 is as easy as slipping on a new belt which allows the wearer to have the perfect strap solution within seconds. source

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Form truly follows function as the 001 watch case has been carefully designed to allow for a quick and effortless interchange of straps that glide in and out of the case in an original and straightforward manner. The TOM FORD 001 is both complex in its detailed construction and simple in its concept reflecting Tom Ford’s own ethos that often the simplest solutions are the most elegant. source

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TOM FORD Timepieces

Introducing the TOM FORD 001 Timepiece. The 001 Timepiece is an instant classic with its sleek rectangular silhouette that sensuously wraps around the wrist. Tom Ford has long been passionate about timepieces and has set out to create watches with the perfect combination of fine Swiss horology and innovative design. source

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