Prada Nylon Farm – Teaser

Ready to enter the Nylon Farm? Don’t forget to follow the protocol. The story is about to unfold. Discover more about the new Prada series that showcases the emblematic nylon fabric vat source

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Prada Nylon Farm – Ep. 01

Nylon protocol, anomaly detected. What’s happening in the Nylon Farm? This perfect world of artificial intelligence and automated machinery is nevertheless combined with an unexpected variable – human nature and emotion. Discover more on source

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Prada Resort 2019 Fashion Show – Premonition

Prada makes history by presenting its Resort 2019 collection in New York City at its headquarters there, an old Times Square piano factory that was renovated by Herzog & de Meuron in 2000 and updated with an innovative runway that both reflects the city around it and projects the themes of the collection in 2018. More at source

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Prada Black

Prada Black, the first Eau de Parfum in the Prada Luna Rossa family. An intense encounter that provokes powerful emotions. Discover more at source

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Prada Candy Sugar Pop

Prada Candy Sugar Pop is deliciously indulgent and extravagantly chic, a playfully feminine fragrance that brings a touch of sweet sophistication to the Candy obsession. Discover more at source

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