It seems that fashion trends have been changing even faster than Lady Gaga’s appearance. And we’re not only talking about the female fashion, as men’s fashion is also something that many people pay attention to. And yes, this is also changing, but even though it is, why not keep the best of the best and still look handsome as hell? We’ve seen many things this year as far as men’s fashion is concerned – from Hawaiian shirts coming back, to bum bags and socks with sandals, but here are the top 5 trends that you should simply keep rocking:

Still in the 90’s…

You’ve probably noticed that wearing sportswear and combining it with casual clothes (also known as athleisure) was one of the most important trends of the current (and previous) year. If you haven’t noticed, perhaps you should get your eyes checked. However, 2018 was a bit different than previous year mainly because sports brands such as Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger or Fila revisited the 90’s, thus spicing things up with a touch of retro. And this is definitely something that we’re still looking forward to. Wearing two-piece tracksuits, retro sneakers and drawstring trousers is a trend that we’re not ready to quit yet. So basically everything that you can see in Clueless or Cruel Intentions is up for grabs!

…but also in the 70’s

This decade is apparently a tremendous inspiration to many fashion designers nowadays as it seems that we’re always coming back to the almighty seventies. However, the things are a bit different now as we bid farewell to the disco clothes, disco hair and platform shoes – it’s a different culture from the 70’s that we embraced. We’re talking about roll necks, corduroy, silk shirts and patterned knitwear. And let’s not forget the 70’s-inspired eyewear designs that we’re rocking this year. And you know what’s funny? This style is not unfashionable at all. As a matter of fact, it looks amazing, so keep it up for as long as you can. If you, however, opt for this style, make sure that you have black, brown or beige in your color palette.

Are you smart?

2005, 2018, 2054? Who cares, smart clothing is here forever and it will never go away. Girls love guys who wear suits and ties, so why the hell not keep this trend? However, even though this is a trend that has been here for generations and generations, tailored clothing is what’s most important now, and let’s keep it that way. It’s always funny when you see a guy wearing a tuxedo that’s too baggy, so why not follow the example of Australians who really do pay attention to their suits? That is why getting yourself one of many great mens suits in Sydney or other cities where you know that tailors are good is a great idea. There are different suits that you can choose from – from the formal ones that you can wear on certain parties, to the ones that are semi-formal and will look good on an informal dinner party.

Stripe down

We’re talking about vertical stripes – did you guess it? Back to topic – much like checks, stripes have been around in the fashion industry for a long time, but it seems that this time they’re here to stay. At least this and next year, that is. If you take a look at photographs from different Fashion Weeks, such as London Fashion Week for Men, for example, you will see all the amazing combinations that you can make with vertical stripes. Not only that, but they can adjust to any style that you’re rocking (and can make you taller which is always a good thing). Even if you’re wearing your top and your bottom vertical-striped, it can look amazing, which is a definite proof that we need to keep this trend up and running for the rest of the year (and maybe for the next one, if nothing better comes along).

Havana, ooh na na

Why go to Cuba when you can bring Cuba to you? That’s why you should keep that Cuban collar shirt that you have in your closet (and if you don’t – what are you waiting for? Go get yourself one). These are extremely practical, especially for the summer. They’re airy and light which can definitely save your day on a hot summer day. Not only that – they also look incredibly good, especially if combined with nice and tailored ankle-length pants.

The time will come when we will have to move from these trends in order to embrace the new ones, but one thing is clear – all these should be here to stay until that moment happens. All of these trends are still extremely fashionable and look hella good, so continue to rock them. You have our blessing!

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