Dear Vivienne,

God how long we have known each other! How wonderful.
I want to pay homage to you as my collaborator, my friend and partner, my teacher and of course as my muse.
After examining myself, I felt like looking at you and the different decades of your life in fashion and what it means to me.
It started with the 70s – Teddy boy tailoring, the 50s flower wallpaper and carpet from Let It Rock shop in the King’s Road and of course the rubber clothes which I Love so much.
Right in the middle of the 80s is your (Mini) Crini – Girl, which is made in Vivienne red Harris Tweed transferred into today.
The 90s are represented through Dior-esque tailoring and exaggerated shapes, the hair print and the Krall shirt, which to this day we still make.
Next comes UNISEX.
The white dresses at the end are sustainable, made from old stock and leftovers.
There are two garments I copied: One is the mohair punk sweater you made (Knitted) for yourself and which says so much about you. Second is the catsuit from Sara (Stockbridge) which you used to wear when I first met you.
When in doubt: Dress up!
One should never see the brain working in what you wear and one dresses in order to be eventually naked.
These mantras of yours and so much more became part of my life and work.
I still think to this day that you are the best dressed woman in any room.
Love you forever,



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